Story Corner

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This section is for my short stories. I’ve dabbled in story telling since my first bonfire at summer camp. Famously better than the ever elusive ‘potty man’ I made up back then these stories will be a mix of intrigue and confusion or better yet self discovery. Who knows the lesson until the story ends!

As you can see Tarantino is one of my most famed inspirations by my personal screenplay & comic collection pictured above so expect the unexpected. Much like my writing, it doesn’t always make clear sense but when you see the story out- it will all come together. Enjoy!

I just feel…

I don’t know what it is about today but I just feel so overplayed. I feel worn, weary, and tired. I don’t recall feeling this way that yesterday but today my songs are melancholy at best. I can’t get anything off my chest when there isn’t anything to get off of it- my day is […]

Finding Place

This is a hopeless rant of somewhat nonsense about hard-times ridding you of your name then the slow but consistent fight to regain everything.


I’m starting to wonder if every desire of mine was set out with the pretence to never be met… I desired to be loved and understood; Lasted a while and it was heaven then quickly turned the other way when my partner grew tired of all my little quirks. I used to write eloquent and […]

Meaning Of Marriage

Marriage is a constitution that we sing without reading the never before mentioned terms and conditions all the movies seem to overlook. Well, in this short post I believe I have got the meaning of a good marriage and what it takes to get there!