Poetry Corner

If you can see beauty, you can feel beauty, you can hear beauty, hell you can even smell beauty, but can you taste it? Can you use all 5 senses to experience true beauty and not of face but of situation?

Like an apple blossom Betty strolling down the autumn alley with the whistling wind through her gently tussled umber hair. The brush of which caused her hazel eyes to jolt over her shoulder as if there be a shadow following her only to find a gentle Bambi gazing at her from the forest line. The pine-air added a peace that she had only felt once before aided by the smell of her mom’s home-made warm and delectably soft apple pie. This golden-fair memory gifted a smile to her tear worn face. Today was about to change everything…

The magic is in the words we have, the life we’ve experienced and the imagery we connect with. Let these passages be a transcript from one person to another. Together we grow from root to tree tip.

Depression #1

Somedays I just can’t bare this sinking feeling. Nothing much brought it on but my subconscious. Now, I come to describe exactly how it feels to be the numb blotch of ink the therapists try to get me to see. I yearn to be a direct image of sanity but my lines twist, expand, and lurch outward to hopefully combine into something beautiful one day forward.

Something Calling My Name

When the winds of change don’t come with a whisper but a gust- I suppose it is time to perk up and listen to all the lovely sounds they make, find out why they call thy name.

I Am the Wind

Most days, there is a sense of entrapment within me… But something took flight last night that regained my yearning to reach the stars- or maybe just my knowledge that I have danced with them before and that I should not know fear anymore if it is peace that I wish to preach. I must know it like the night sky knows me.