I want to risk hitting my head on the ceiling of my talent. I want to really test it out and say: Ok you’re not that good. You just reached the level here. I don’t ever want to fail, but I want to risk failure every time out of the gate.

-Quentin Tarantino

Alexandra ‘the neat

A name given to me at a neighbors house party in 2007. ah, the word ‘neat.’ How does this description pertain exactly to me? Well, I like to think it could be an ironic label to put on my slightly tethered but well placed together life. I have daily quarrels, but no big disasters… Those are more bimonthly. I like to think that my personality could be categorized as pretty neat as in interesting! I never write the same thing twice, I take it in turns- my ADHD has been a blessing, no such things as curses in my world. My past jobs have been fulfilling but limiting. I wanted to help people so I went the medical ruite until one day my boss took me aside crying, telling me she had never met someone so kind-hearted and driven but she had to let me go because I didn’t fit and she knew it was holding me back… I knew she was right. No matter how I tried to fit into round holes- my hexagon was best suited for a more diverse career. I was a personal assistant and loved feeling directly beneficial to someone but he also knew the opportunity of a lifetime was coming upon me and he knew much my wanderlust-heart was destined to soar far from where I was at the time. I fell in love with a great man from the greater Britain and decided to say yes to him in thus, saying goodbye to that position. We had a small COVID-19 wedding ceremony and when the tight hold of travel released its grip we fled to our new home. I have been a great many things in my life: I have walked the runway and heard the cheers of many, I have earned street cred by standing up for my morales and beliefs, I have traveled many places by my own desire, and I have written so many works that I am proud to put my name to. Yet, I have not lived up to my ‘neat’ potential. So here I come swinging with my own copywriting business to help articulate others exciting and wonderful visions and started my own blog so I can help those who I can’t reach directly with thoughts and experiences that I’ve hidden within the pages of my diaries and notepads. I am here to reinvent the meaning of ‘neat’ with my tidy wording and expressions to the mass amount or even just a few! I just hope my reach can expand understanding and aid all those minds that get swept within the hurricane currents that blow.