Spec on the Sea

Isn’t it so easy to feel like a spec on the sea?

Riding the waves but having little to no control of where you are travelling.

With the crashing waves, time goes quickly.

Luckily, the sea holds so many wonders that its almost masterful; fate bringing a spec to such a vast existence.

Being such a small presentation I wonder how it is that I make my big break out of the surf and into the gusting winds.

I long for the warm sand.

I long for the tall trees.

I long for everything that I don’t possess at the moment because I know it is somewhat unobtainable at this current moment but if I do so succeed one day that that day will be worth a lifetime at sea…

At least for me.

To have something so fantastical as to make it ashore for a spec at sea is some masterful to me.

And when that day come for me to see the sea’s shore,

I will laugh in between submitting to its last few splashes pulling me under in awe of a journey well travelled and a life well lived.

We are all here for destiny, wether it be little or big and it is good to live out our little dreams because it is to feel that importance that we are all born with that truly sets us free.

After I reach the shore, I will live like never before;

Sit upon speckled sand,

Get moved by giants galavanting around,

Get salted by passing waves to cool me down after some time in the rays of that sun set up so high.

I will be living, then I will be alive.


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