Meaning Of Marriage

Being in a relationship is enough work for some to consider quitting their day jobs but a marriage;

Now that is a life-long sentence with no paid overtime!

But, this marital bliss that they speak of is also just as real as the hardships they come with.

I have been hitting my head on steps repeatedly making it through these last 8 months of marriage, as has my husband!

But if I could, I would like to say that it was still the best time of my life!

Today, it really (finally) made sense to me how the work can really make things work!

The dedication, admiration and completion comes naturally in some marriages because they have a basic understanding of the other persons strengths and weaknesses.

It is a learned phenomenon this, and it is earned with every lesson trail that leads you to happily ever after!

First though, comes the nasty parts;

My selfishness in certain scenarios, my liking of some alone time outside of him and I time, my anxious nature, and my deep rooted distrust in people has really taken some deep hits to my husbands ability to really understand me and where we are at as well.

We were thoroughly tested in the time span that we were trapped in isolation together both in the US and the UK.

Then the breakdown of his evils in relation to what I called my rock bottom;

Coming to a head with a ultimatum that wasn’t satisfactory to either of us-

Either we figure it out or let it all crumble around us as one of us boards the plane.

Finally drawing a collapse of my will to keep slowly dying in front of him and arose a fresh breath of revitalising love for the man I can’t fully describe with just words…

He is heaven in human form; whichever religion you believe- he is something of divine make and I have never encountered a being like him and I will never be on the look out for another for he is my only.

The work you put in isn’t aways going to be the acceptance of their behaviours, cleaning tendencies, or provisional responsibilities;

It is in yourself and your understanding of what internally hurts you, weakens you and can tear at your worth….

Projections of frustration, anger and resentment are ultimately what destroys love… No matter how true it is and for something so spectacular I believe it is worth all of what someone’s got just to keep that fire burning!

And if you are willing to change and rearrange a few key things than I believe there is no stopping good love from sprouting from your very being!

It is up to the two to tango but I do find it easiest when I am open to the footing of the dance and not hyper focusing on my movements *wink* *wink* ( I know we have all been there )

Just calm down!

The dance goes on with or without you and these are some moves you really, really don’t want to miss out on!

This adventure is not singular in it’s significance, just in it’s packaging.

Which is beautiful and so, so very vivrant! ( look it up- Urban Dictionary or in your music library )

Love; The almighty power.

Self-love; The unstoppable force.

Life Partner; The one that improves everything.

And that is all I wrote! …

At least today.

Have a glorious day/evening everyone and tune in next time for another allieism in charism(a.)


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