Desolate Pieces of My Past Shimmering In My Eye

Painful reminder,

That was my name for many years.

(at least in my own eyes. My feeble attempts at love everlasting.)

Mistakes piled with misunderstandings stood to give me the discipline that I oh so desperately needed.

Then, what I could not see but could still feel;

‘Something is coming…’

‘Someone extraordinary.’

Was the someone, he and the something was my come up to be?

All my life’s wishes and reckless beliefs carrying me right to his front door in the dead of spring showers.

“Here I am, what are your other two wishes? haha, I’m Allie.”

Funny how that was years ago and it was only yesterday we hit a wall of we may not last…

The part I forgot was what I came here for,

the part you forgot was who I was and still am today.

A love-sick fool who’d give you everything…

but at a price.

With a wink and a kiss I can make all your dreams come true!

Yes it is true, and yes I have forgotten momentarily-

But does that make my love any less true?

It took a good journey with the weight of so many things to come together for me to realise that I’ve always danced through the rain.

Not even all of this pain could really bring me down so far that I could simply forget how to smile!

Especially smile for you; for us.

Come on now, who are we even kidding ourselves?

Kids, we’re kids-

I refuse to just rationalise while a perfectly good imagination still lies in tact,

On the contrary, with perfect tact, confidence and resilience we can make all of our dreams come true!

Adulting is just a harsher life-sentence that can be declined at anytime!

We’re children with check books now!

A little more refined but still spontaneous!

Any amount of mistakes that I’ve made in the past could never amount to the love I hold for you and you alone my dear husband.

I may be a fool,

I may be a dreamer,

I may even make you pull your hair out, I am so damn stubborn.

But who else could also ease your fears with the blanket of my smile poking you in the dawn of the morning?

Who could hold you like it was world’s end while you try to sleep at 2 AM?

Who could understand everything you mean without a word uttered?

“I am not thinking that”

Allllright, but you did think it at some point! 😉

I can do for you, and you know you can for me too.

So let us cut the shit and get back to life with Dan & Allie because I’m tired of all this tenseness with the coolest, sweetest, funniest, most adventurous man I have ever met!

I know you just want the sunshine back too.

It is right here spunky, we’ve got it.

Nothing of our past reflects our future.

Now come on and give me a smile when you say you’re going to play tennis, put in some time on your PS4, needing to put in more hours at work- you know exactly where I will be!!!

I love you with all that I am, all that I have.

You are my happy ending and I intend to live it out the rest of my life no matter what happens!

If you be a lucky man, then I be your lucky lady.

You’re just what I needed.

Let me be your vet, my wounded bird.

We are True Romance and you’re my Clarence Worley.


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