Lessons; Three.

Apart of the wedded bliss comes harsh realisations such as some-what repulsive smells coming out your beloved’s backside that otherwise smelt like roses.

The first of three I know now by value of importance.

The first is fighting.

Never with fists but could include some hurtful thoughts and reclusive actions.

They happen; there’s no denial in that but the aim is to see past the blackened bloom and go to the root of the rot and cure the infectious anger before it consumes your very blossom.

Every fight has its purpose; reconciliation and resolve are mandatory for a better understanding of your partner and your relationship.

Secondly is the full expectation to carry on building who you are with the knowledge of who you want to be, with the addition of your soulmate.

When you met, wasn’t it glorious to find one so perfect?

Everything they did seemed like a boost to the very person you are!

That is still the case, you never have to stop being whom you are to appreciate who you’ve found.

Bathe yourself in the love and acceptance that you have found in someone so compatible that you bound your life to theirs.

All that it takes is the partnership of two perfect souls who build with one another to truly complete each other.

That is where knowing yourself and knowing your partners character is very important in both of your growth, together and separately.

Acceptance is pivotal for both of your happiness.

Thirdly, there are many things to second guess in a life and in choices that we make but one person to never second guess is the one who took a vow to uphold your happiness and safety.

Doubting their ability after the fact of a ceremony commemorating that you put your entire life into their hands kind of puts a drape of irony onto the validity of the relationship.

Best to keep their heart at the forefront of your mind.

Show them your affection and let love take flight.

After all, it guides the very best of happiness this life could ever offer.

And that is all I have learned thus far to master in a marriage.

Since it has only been a short while, I expect to pack on a few more lessons as time passes.

Until then my dear friends;

Love to live and live to love.


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