Something Calling My Name

There is something in the air tonight,

I am scared to answer for fear of flight.

It is destiny;

this I know.

I want to show my brass,

my strength,

my inability to give in to darkness in my mind.

The voice;

calling, calling, calling

And for me.

Is it truly meant to be?

Stand tall with confidence close,

Lean left and all right falls short of fulfilment.

Something is in the air tonight,

and its taste is sweet, vibrant, bountiful.

Its fragrance noble, humble, pungent.

Its feel overwhelming, optimistic, empowering.

Its sound is like a yawp through mountain skyscrapers in the vast empty.

And I cannot deny that which is surrounding me.

No dark cloud could steal me away from what I perceive is my destiny.

If I cannot live it now, than I shall never see the day-

When all wrong turn right,

and my name will never fade with passing of my body.

Soul carries on with all that I am.

With all that I do,

as long as I do what my title calls for.

Change in love, passion and understanding;

Like the great prophets before.

There is a calling tonight and it calls for me.

It calls for who I am to be.


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