I Am the Wind

Delving into the depths of night,

My soul knows no height.

Bounding above houses,

into empty atmosphere.

And straight up through the hemisphere;

I find myself queer.

Delighted by the choice of freedom,

Strangely feeling that heart has no boundary.

My eyes closed,

my body weightless.

Even though it is all in my mind,

I truly have this joyous credibility to release all the hostility.

To blanket those who are cold by just…existing.

Fixing words to align a phrase that connects one to their trudged path,

Though I do not know my own,

It is nice not to feel alone.

But in hallow night,

I do feel the strength in even in the perilous nature of man;

That I could truly change something in this world to help others stand.

I do not know why this can only be felt when I am alone in flight.

But I do not begrudge that delight,

that knowledge and intellect are welded between my arm and chest,

like shield when I am unrest.

Gentle wind glazes across my face

as to pull the covers over me and caress my hair;

“Goodnight and please know that you are there.”


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