The Change

Growing up I don’t believe I truly understood the confines of right and wrong,

But I understood the importance of their distinction.

It was as easy as a smile or a frown;

Not on my face but on others.

I realised the importance of my honesty to everyone;

To lie was to block true understanding of me and any situation.

I realised the importance of standing up for morality and righteousness;

Because not everyone who needs it can.

I exposed my strength to many;

for it was to guard every weakness ever felt to anyone around me.

I shrugged off every little indecency ever done because the more critical I was on others was a reflection of myself.

I don’t want to hurt others because it would be to hurt myself.

The enlightenment I feel of my own person is only truly felt when I feel that radiation of the positive impression I have put into someone’s day, month, year, or life.

That could only be done if I knew the importance of right and wrong…

But in the recent years the grey area between right and wrong has been widening vastly.

I think to myself ‘maybe that is just growing older and delving into the real world’

Perhaps going into different scenarios provide perspective on right and wrong and the many faces it holds.

To be honest is sometimes to break someone’s own truth down,

To lie protects from the severity of few situations.

There is a time to stand up for your beliefs;

and others to let others stand up for theirs so that they can be heard.

Sometimes it feels better to illuminate someone else’s strengths,

everyone needs some sense of power and control of their own lives.

I try my hardest never to judge anyone for their indecencies

As well as conjure a couple of my own to level the judgment level.

The point being I always believed in the saying

Be the change you want to see in the world.

I hold that close to my heart close to my heart.

I feel that it does change the world;

one person, one heart at a time, any situation possible;

it is absolutely possible for all the love in the world to shine through you.

Love is all in every single one of us

And well worth spreading to the people around us.


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