Auf Wiedersehen

No matter if it is a fond farewell or a final kiss,

It is a heartache to say goodbye.

From the highest mountain-top of happiness

to the deepest cove of anger,

It is emotional to say goodbye.

Holding them close,

Pushing them away,

No matter which of way;

It is complicated to say goodbye.

From the warmest of embraces,

to the chill of the absences;

it is a rainy day when it comes to goodbye.

The memories entice tears to stream,

heart palpitates to pump life back into your body.

Things that will always be missed once I have said goodbye,

that is love from hearing you roam my halls,

arose some noise as we run and play throughout the house,

wrap your love around all that come through,

It is amazing how much one could mean to any.

But you meant the world to me

I wish I could explain to you how much you have helped me.

I wish there were the right words to say to make you understand how you effected me.

But most of all I wish that there were never a goodbye to say,

a time to never separate yesterday from today.

Transitioning of life to death is never a thing that isn’t protested.

Now, it has bested me

and this feeling that I cannot flee

Becomes me so so emotionally.

Feel free to disagree

but this life without the

is something not worth living-

at least to me.

At least today..

Oh my sweet boy-

this moment has left me in disarray.

I love you Jackie boy,

and the deepest of belly rubs;

and I shan’t say goodbye,


Auf Wiedersehen.

Until we see each other again my dear friend.

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