The How’s

How manic may our present can be.

How the cars woosh by cannot capture the speeds of the worries that flutter in and out of our minds.

How hectic life can be in fast lane.

I have a drink or two each day, only see a handful of people but each day come and go like I was living la vida loca.

How distant we can be in the presence of many.

Surrounding my surroundings of happy faces are my thoughts of how to be an acceptable being and if I do it right.

How love shows many faces.

Taken for granted by none is a call from your mother, a true embrace from a friend, an unforgettable kiss from a partner, or an insight to someone who is relatable to yourself.

How circumstance can be so spiteful and relentless.

All fortune comes with the side effect of misfortune, accompanied with the ability to live comes the susceptibility to illness, devastation, and loss of certain senses and mobility.

How admiration can bring expectation.

Disney never prepared us for anything and every fairytale was a bit too oversold for what was to really become of our whirlwind romances… But wasn’t the gift of love just as good as Prince Charming’s first kiss?

How the means to live can shrink the availability to live it.

Side effects to money include the following; lack of lustre, tiredness, fatigue, rise in stress, sacrifice of vices, time loss, and in some cases loss of sanity. Cures include; water breaks, quick phone call to loved one’s, going to visit loved ones after work without use of excuses, and a nice quiet place before bed.

How the years escape our conscious.

When you see pictures of events that seemed like they were yesterday and the date on them is 2007. No cure known but you can still reminisce and laugh back at the great times shared.

How on any given day there is about 10-15 things to worry and invest deep thought into;

How we shouldn’t give way to negativity of the severity of these things but appreciate that they keep us going.

Life, the ever growing puzzle that only in later years we can fully piece together.

Ask not how but why.

Once we know the importance of each thing that pulls at our needs and situations that we can truly see the true will to live we own and the gift we all have in play in our own lives.


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