Singh To Me

Every daybreak begins with a pep talk.

“Today will be glorious,

Today you will draw in all that pass with a flash of a smile,

Fortune is with you today if you just believe,

Just believe.

The glory of the pep talk is it never works until a few kindred souls arise to talk me through it.

Friends, family, partners;

They hold us to a standard that we all yearn to keep but escapes our grasp once the dread of night soaks our covers.

Oh Why must we dive back in?

Have no fear!

Glory busts through the open doors they call the eyes and fills the lungs up the emptiness with blue velvets of appreciation and lust for life.

Now the world can be clear and no, no we don’t have to be near

but here… We can connect.

Hold my hand my dear, take me far away from here!

The mountains we’ve climbed only strengthened our understanding of the highs and of the lows of life.

together we don’t have to lie in the solace of our wet blankets;

We can break free once more to the bright abyss of the sun that we had only chased in dreams.

Now as adults we have so much room to roam,

we have so much room to change the impossible!

Models, travel connoisseurs, inspiring icons that change the world, superhuman existence is right where we are!

Here, here, can’t you see it is right here?

My dearest heart, I have never left;

I have carried you in my pocket through all my ventures.

I take your memory out whenever I felt less than clever…

When the deepest hallows have swept up my soul you were always there to console.

Now I must believe that my spirit may infiltrate your very darkness just the same;

that you my remember my name and smile.

That crazy blonde haired lady…

Your best friend.

The happiest of bunnies creating mounds of mischief to get you laughing.

I am still here and will continue to be for many a year.

Love never dies,

Love never escapes,

Love never fades,

It may hide but it can always be found.

Think blue oasis of joy and expression when you think of me.

Think bear-hug embrace when the cold of night sets in.

Think bounding laughter in quiet room of haunting notions.

Think of how close your phone is;

How I will always answer your call.

Think of me, my dear friend, for I always think of you.

Love knows no bounds

So rest assured I will always be here with you.

And when it gets dark, and when the walls close in think;

“Today will be glorious,

Today I will draw in all that pass with a flash of my smile,

Fortune is with me if I just believe,

Just believe.


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