How I Love My Flab

Oh flubber wrapped abs,

How I love your jiggle when I solicit pokes and jabs.

I like to stare at you in the mirror in detest-

For you rise my unrest.

Oh cellulite covered thighs,

How you may save lives

But make me cover you with high-rise.

Oh inches ever growing,

how you keep my dismay rolling

when none of my clothes fit-

All except an oven mitt!

Oh countless salads and soups,

How distasteful you are after so many loops.

It isn’t that I detest you, fat

Because after all I still find my body all that!

Curvaceous and proud;

I say aloud –

I love you body ‘n flab!!

For you show me that it isn’t what is on the out

Rather, all I have shimmering leaves no room to pout!

Alive, I shall thrive;

with my extra love handles,

Or slim and gleaming frame like lit candles.

I will flash my ever-growing smile in protest to fame’s image of perfect breast.

I will laugh aloud for people to see that it isn’t what you look like; it is who you are to be.

Love is love no matter what, wether it be flat or fat round butt.

There is only one singular thing that matter;

It is you, and not their indecent chatter.

“To love yourself is a trait that should be innate but we speculate and try to convey an image that isn’t constructed by ourselves.

Taking in all you are already with the clothes, hairstyles, and music you relate will refine that beauty that is to be only the one that you are to me.”


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