The Rules of Traction

Spinning, rarely grinning;

I was losing my ability to grip the wheel.

This challenge of sanity through ignition was not my game.

Though I thrived in my driving abilities throughout my many years of circumstances testing my reactionary responses;

I seemed to have glided happily by!

So why am I losing my traction now?

I can’t resist the thrill of the gas pedal but cannot risk an incident this stretch into my journey.

So now it is time to reshape, reframe my understanding.

What once was safe, is now dangerous.

Taking my car for a drive day after day all while daydreaming along, not paying attention, missing my turns…

Oh let’s cut this down to size!

I have never claimed to be magnificent but I can claim to be human.

And as humanity goes sometimes we lose our way and have to find it by our omission.

I just refuse to make it a big deal…

I want so badly to breathe in that clarity smoothly without tension.

Know my name and know it well all the while; drinking down the anxious nature of my being.

I wish it were a shot of tequila because I can down that!

This on the other hand is a different story of which the name I cannot pronounce.

Starting from my foundation; I will count every certainty I have within me.


Two certainties become overly abundant to me at all times and never have these things alluded me.

Courage and heart.

I know I can do anything possible, and I know that you can too.

I derive strength from being strong for others and with these crutches always at my finger tips; I’m caught.

I’m caught right where I don’t want to be.

“How lovely would it be to be in love?”

“I wonder when I’d get to see the world?”

“I know wherever I will go, I will be happy.”

Oh little me, I want more than anything to prove your little adventurous spirit right and I have no reason not to but nagging doubt constantly pulling at my mind.

Shit, I almost got into a collision with my prerogative barriers on either side of my highway;

Keep my eyes on the road ahead instead of the rear-view;

See; these mirrors can be so deceptive.

And nobody needs to be enveloped that much into what they’ve passed by and what they look like doing it

You’ve got it, you look hella fly doin’ the damn thing!


The rules of traction are to stay steady, Confident and always; EYES ON THE ROAD AHEAD.


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