Crowded Starbucks, Empty Mind

There are many things that I treasure about a run to the coffee shop.

What I find even more energising than a delicious coffee drink is the people who come for coffee, too.

Cashiers and their upbeat personas,

All the smiling faces huddled into one another.

Head in a good book,

On their laptops studying away at lord knows what.

There is some sort of ambivalence of how a day might proceed.

May it be productive?

Maybe it bring smiles, happy moments thriving on excitement?

Or will I get drawn into a beloved friend?

Perhaps I will simply get to invest some time into a good story!

Oh, the potential is positively limitless but one thing is for certain;

The day will always go on to the beat that I choose!

There is always a chance for redemption or completion in the ticking nudge of time.

Revel in your own time today and truly look at all that you’ve done

as well as all that could become of a twenty-four hour span of life.

(Even if it is just getting up and going for a little treat.)


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