Doubt it.

So, you want to limit me, huh?

I will not let you.

You would like to bind me.

Categorise me as less than worthy or capable,

But I will not acknowledge you.

See, your words do not penetrate me.

Your thoughts do not sway me.

Your accusations do not penalise me.

For you are the construct of all that I have failed at,

for that your making is a folly.

You are a false reality that does not define me.

For all of my failures: I have successes.

For all my worries: I have overcoming circumstances.

For all the putrid thoughts and self-image of disgust and belittlement;

I have pictures of me in my element.

I have friends who adore me.

I have guardians who believe in me even if it’s just portions.

I have a smile that I can see anytime that I please.

You do not define me, doubt.

And I highly doubt that you ever will.

Now take a break so that I may write;

I am very busy and important.

(even if it is just to myself)

Alexandra (No self-doubt about it) Doe

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