White Dove’s Promise

Exhaustion fills my body

As the tears filled my eyes.

Struggling to comprehend

My fall, my demise.

So strongly I want to be,

the me I had held on to so graciously.

Only to realise once I say,

“You are not you anymore.”

It was a reflection of past self through mirrored doors,

someone I did not want to be anymore.

Being; better off casting her into a different play,

T’was not my dismay but my dismemberment.

For a worthwhile relationship calls for reconstruction,

I haven’t really been the most accepting.

But for the love of you,

it is the only thing seeing me through.

My mind died along with the complexity of my evolution.

When one vital passed, another took the wheel.

My heart made of led

sped along the highway.

Which was very evident

when I had demanded it be my way.

I love you,

I love you with all I was,

all I am,

and all I am to be.

Believe me that you are my ability to be more than just me.

You are the current in crystal water.

The rejuvenating oxygen I am so desperate to breathe.

The strength in my ever arching care.

The scream I yearn to echo across the mountain tops,

when I scream out for you my love.

You are the romantic tale that I will forever tell.

May we never spare our scars that shape the most elegant beauty.

Beauty they all see in us.

That, I promise you, will never lie in rest.

This is my white rose of apology.

This is my promise for happiology,

This is my reassurance to you;

That comments of false promise will never slip my silver tongue again.

For it is you, you, and you over and over again.

Beating, beating, beating in my blood stream.

I will never give up on our love,

our enamoured prophecy of who we are

And whom we are to be.

Alexandra Doe

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