Desire and Fortitude

You and I,

We dance in the mire of whirl-wind fire.

The thick haze of mad desire,

the lust of life is shrouded in the want in the world of dreams

but as we stride for what we crave;

we must provide ourselves the solid foundation of what will be.

You and me,

we can dance,

we can run,

we can glide to the finish line.

What waits for us ahead is the soul’s stake.

A bet well taken in the short years of life.

“Why not shoot your best shot?”

Fate and fate alone shuffles the cards,

human left to draw.

Wether win or lose

haven’t we conquered fear by simply flipping destiny’s face?

We put on the face of our own disguise our intentions

to our masquerade.

Pointless and vein-

As black-cloaked fate takes our hand forth to the next draw-

we must rely on the unknown with full acknowledgement of our own ability

She may choose the lucky winner

but we have the upper hand of presenting to her our brightest image

draw the third eye.

But why refute?

Try to hide?

Try to run and hide?

For it is her whom give us fortune in it’s own right,

fame if you hold the right might.

So why do we attempt to sleight her

and steer our own way?

She has already devised an awe-inspiring play

and we,

we get to play a part.

A part in which all of us are used as art.

To convey an image,

a mantre,

a morale,

to one another.

We all are sister, mother, brother, father.

Together, a family of homo sapiens.

‘wise men’

Even if our part seem faint,

we are the scene that intervenes

The evasive travesty and reluctant obscurity

life itches to keep in constant practice.


that courageous mistress is here to stay.

And with our hearts she will play,

amidst the fuss,

to us she will stay true.

As should you.

Glistening in youth,

extending yourself out beyond what you know.

Don’t you believe in her pride?

Seeing the helpless and giving them shoulder to cry.

Stick true to yourself,

true to belief.

For she will align opportunity for you to unsheathe thy sword.

Overrule all that had set you beside before.

For you to live and pass forever more a hero,

a philanthropist,

and ever more a person of your own character;

written only in the finest of gold ink.

Alexandra Doe

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