Intro to the Writer Within the Content

The sun & why i chase it

I found a way to channel my passion outward into my dream of changing the world through my love for people. My love for people has been a staple in my life. My urge for change has ignited through recent times and my heart paved path has shown me a destination. I grew up lonely in a suburb outside of the big city with two working parents with a rocky relationship bonded by a little girl, me. My family was anything but amicable, with a begrudging half-sister, a caring and a little devious mother and a loving but work-driven father I was mostly alone or in day-care. I made friends that were more family than my own. I was a rough kid with a gentle heart. I didn’t understand or want to take in my troubles or shortcomings. I just wanted to play! As the years came and went one thing stuck to me- I am the bridge. When my family clashed, it was my rationality that made them step back and listen. When my friends went through the worst I was there walking through the stormy weather to help them escape the storms at home. I never forgot my place in the world until I reinvented my own world. I cut myself out of my comfort-zone. I lost a good amount with my decisions but through it I have gained much perspective on what my place in this life truly means. I was lucky enough to learn just that. Along the long length of my life I am set to carry burdens, resolve mental war, and calm the rushing waves. I am a normal being, myself, my dreams are far past the blockade of material possessions and self-appreciation. That is not what this blog is be about. This blog is a platform for my little world to expand out to you and for us to walk together through this mad thing called life so you will never walk alone. I used to think that to write out to the masses I would have to have it all figured out myself. But, I have been lucky enough to have met so many influential figures in my own life and learn that it has never been a clear cut case of ‘I know what you do not…’ but more so ‘I have learned thus far that…’ and in some cases ‘I do not a clue about…’ To me, this was an awakening that I have always yearned for. I am a small town girl who dreamed of vast lands and making a difference. I was born for you. I was born to help, and I will never stray from that. I am here for the down-trotted, I am here for the eager listener, I am here for the reserved visionary, I am here for the eccentric business owner, I am here for the yet to be, I am here for the broken, I am here for the twice-over healed, I am here for any and all who dare to listen… I am here for you. Hello, my name is Alexandra. Let us get this life fire ignited!  


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