The Beginning

The Sun & Why I Chase It

It was a hot summer’s day and I had just departed a plane to a land I had seen only once before with a hunger for new. With a new husband, a new home. I thought I had better make the most of this and create a whole new beginning for me and who I am to be.

It started in a notebook, or fifty. I would share all my poems, writings, and short stories with my then fiancé and he always told me that if my dream was to reach the masses, why not start with sharing these scriptures of art? If it was just my little bubble I expressed myself with… Well, I think he sensed that I would grow to be even more sad and closed off than I had already felt in confinement. “A flower that longs for the sunshine.” Some would say. I love people, I love being apart of the populace. I love peoples differences and the vastness of all of our existences. I love how people come together to share in something so much more than we could ever be separately! So I want to express the love I feel, the hope I have in the situations I have found myself in and sort a solution out in little conversations that start with me and end halfway across the world on some wonderful visionary’s screen! A friend to be. 

There I lay in bed at 2 in the afternoon with the hunger still in vision. My inspiration is you! Wether you’re happy, sad, determined, set, uneasy, in debt; I am here to keep your mind ticking and to enhance that skip in your step and that sunshine in your mind! And when the future is so unclear, I want to hold your attention near so that we can chase the sun together. 

My name is Alexandra and it is more than a pleasure to be chasing a dream with you. 


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